By applying a proven method, we propose you to intervene in your business not only to analyze with you your specific issue, but to propose you an action plan.

This is usually where the work of a “classical consultant” stops.

We propose you to take care of the implementation of the chosen solution, and to transmit by a support adapted to the users the solution, thus guaranteeing not only the appropriation of the solution retained by the company, but its Sustainability.

  • Definition of a particular project of the work to be done and the establishment
  • Analysis of the product and proposal of new product or market developments. Market research, strategic business decision support or development
  • Resolution of a technical problem of production, process or formulation
  • Technical expertise and analysis of a technical problem in the delivery of a product, report of expertise and proposal of amicable solutions, intervention as an expert with insurance
  • Analysis and proposals for technical actions for the reduction of production costs
  •  etc. ..