Our methodology is simple and allows a direct approach to the problem encountered.

  1. After a general contact that leads us to situate the problem in its context, we collect the information, and quickly establish a first diagnosis as well as an intervention estimate.
  2. Then comes the phase of analysis, testing, calculations, where the problem is dealt with in detail.
  3. Then the presentation of the analysis of the problem, and the potential solutions envisaged.
  4. The choice of the solutions belongs to the customer, loads to our intervener (in most cases Olivier Joubert himself, but sometimes some specific subjects can lead us to call on specialists according to the problem encountered ) to implement the solution.
  5. It is only once the solution is in place and validated in the duration that we consider our mission carried out. This obviously implies a follow-up phase.

We systematically ask our clients for an opinion on the intervention carried out in order to continuously improve our service.